Monday, May 24, 2010

Review: Palty Beauty Mauve Hair Dye

Palty is a Japanese brand of hair dye that apparently is better suited for Asian hair compared to western brand hair dyes found at the supermarket so I decided to give it a try! A few weeks ago I dyed my hair with Palty Beauty Mauve which I got on Ebay for US$13.85.

*** RESULTS ***

It came out on my hair a lot light than what was shown on the box (I wanted to go darker) and more red too, I was hoping it'll be more purplely since it has "mauve" in its name. Right now the colour has sort of faded into my previous colour with a tint of red @_@ I don't think I'll be buying Palty again because of the expensive Ebay price and the average results. Next time I want to try Prettia Hair Coloring (another Japanese brand) as I've heard thats pretty good, but again its expensive on Ebay too so I guess I'll just have to buy it the next time I go back to Taiwan.

NOTE. I coloured my hair from the bottom to the top/roots and left it all on for about an hour.