Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review: Casio EX-JE10 Digital Camera

Awhile ago the touchscreen on my Samsung ST550 started to die after nearly 3 years of usage so I was in the market for a new camera. I originally wanted a Nikon or Canon camera since they are apparently the best brands for cameras and I have owned neither before, but then I saw the Casio EX-JE10 and instantly fell in love =P This camera is available in 3 colours and I bought the white one! The white also came with a super cute brown custom camera jacket. The official photos plus specifications are here and my own photos plus a brief review is below. Overall I think the Casio EX-JE10 is an adorable lightweight compact digital camera that takes decent photos under most lighting with the choice of a lot of fun functions and has an okay price tag.

The Camera

Box: Not that it really matters but even the box is cute with a floral print XD

Front: The lens looks huge making it cute and toy-camera-like, it also has a gold rim and a silver shutter.

Back: Even though the body of the camera is white the back surface is black. Also, other than your normal pressed buttons the up/down/left/right buttons are replaced by a joystick

Top/Bottom: The top is a shiny silver that reflects like a mirror and has a gold on/off button. The bottom is a matte opaque grey and where the battery / microSD / USB cable (USB connects to the computer and also the wall charger) goes. I must add that the 2 covers that open up to reveal the battery / memory card / usb cable plug is rubbery so doesn't open all the way and feels flimsy which makes me scared it may break off or something if opened too far or too much =/ Just have to always be gentle I guess.

Accessories: The camera comes with a USB cable, a wall charger cable, an AC adapter (to wall charge you have to plug the USB cable to the AC adapter to the wall charger cable from the camera) and a special camera jacket. The camera jacket seems durable (a slightly rubbery and thick material) and screws to the bottom left side of the camera (like how you would attach a tripod) so it is very secure. The jacket straps are also adjustable.

Furthermore the strap adjuster buckle fits into the screw (that screws the jacket into the camera) nicely so it is very easy to detach the camera from it's jacket without breaking a nail or using other tools, which is pretty nifty XD

Here are the different modes for taking photos, there are 26 in total.

The Camera Photos

There are 2 standard modes called Auto and Premium Auto. Both of these modes also have a makeup on and off function that "beautifies" the photo.

Auto (makeup off)

Auto on a cloudy day (makeup off)

Auto on a cloudy day and zoomed in (makeup off)

Auto on a cloud day and zoomed in even more (makeup off)

Premium Auto (makeup off)

Premium Auto under low table lamp light (makeup off)

 Premium Auto under low table lamp light with flash (makeup off)

There are also 24 other modes and the ones shown below are my favourites out of the 24. On a side note, unlike the Auto and Premium Auto for some reason only some of these modes have the makeup on and off function.

Toy Camera (no makeup function)

 Soft Focus (no makeup function)

Light Tone (no makeup function)

Pop (no makeup function)

Fisheye (no makeup function)

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