Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: Ebay Rose Gold Watch

Youtubers, Bloggers and what seems like girls everywhere on the internet have been obsessing over the Michael Kors rose gold watches for awhile now. Every time I see someone with one I want one that much more, but I cannot justify spending so much on a watch when I don't even like to regularly wear watches >__<

I don't care for the brand Michael Kors too much, but rather just like the overall look of the chunky rose gold watch so I decided to look for cheaper alternatives. Was thinking about getting the River Island version because it got good reviews from a couple of bloggers but it was still a bit more than I wanted to spend on a brandless watch. I then decided to search on Ebay and came across the watch below for $14.33 with free shipping =D The 3 dials in the middle don't work, but I don't mind, as long as the clock works lol. The rose gold finish seems to be a bit shinier than the usual Michael Kors rose gold finish (not 100% sure though as I haven't seen it in person before), but the lower level of craftsmanship is expected of a much cheaper watch. Other than that, the watch feels sturdy and nothing is wrong with it so I'm a happy camper with her new chunky rose gold watch =P

If you are also interested in a cheap rose gold watch just search "rose gold watch" on Ebay and look through the countless pages of listings~ I'm sure you will be able to find one to your liking and within your price range!

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